Hopkinton Historical Society

Thanks to HCAM & HopNews

There's has been a lot of very good Hopkinton history shared in recent months on HCAM and HopNews, for which we are very grateful!  For videos, check out HCAM's youtube channel. The latest article on hopnews.com takes a look at Buffalo Bill Cody & Gene Autry's connections to town. 
Caption references the current Hopkinton Middle School, photo originally published 1964

An Introduction to the Society

Historic Hopkinton Photos Available Online!

We are pleased to announce that we have recently contributed copies of over 100 photos to the Boston Public Library's Digital Commonwealth. You can see them here: http://www.digitalcommonwealth.org search "Hopkinton Historical Society"  (use quotes) We are greatful to Linda Connelly who curated the photos & provided detailed descriptions for each, the Community Preservation Committee and the townspeople of Hopkinton for their support of this project. Enjoy! 

About Our Society

The Hopkinton Historical Society is a non-profit organization that was established in 1951 to celebrate the history of the Town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, protect the Town's historical artifacts, explain early New England life, and educate the public about the rich history of this small and ever-changing town.  We sponsor several educational, social, and fundraising events throughout the year, and the Society maintains an active archive of documents that are critical to preserving the Town's history for future generations. 

The Town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, approximately 30 miles west of downtown Boston, and the Town has a current population of approximately 18,000 residents.  The English settlement of Hopkinton, (called Quansigamog by the local Indians) owes its beginnings to a bequest of money made to Harvard College by an English gentleman, Edward Hopkins.  College trustees invested the money by purchasing the territory and naming it for its donor - "Hopkinstown", or "Hopkinton", and leased the land to tenants for one penny an acre.  Years later, with the help of the Legislature, a sum of $10,000 was paid to the Corporation of Harvard College, and the Town was incorporated December 13, 1715. 

Whether you are a current resident of Hopkinton, a descendant from past generations, or simply an interested history buff, we invite you to become a member of the Hopkinton Historical Society, tour our historical archives and museum, make genealogical inquiries, and share stories and information about Hopkinton past.  For information about joining the Society, click on the "membership" web page.